Diho Square ChinaTown Houston

Diho Square Tenants' Communication

Dear Tenants: 中文

We thank you for your compliance on air-conditioner repair and maintenance method.

  • Do notify management at least 1 working day prior to any roof access. A roof access waiver and release form (download here) must be signed before any roof access. You submit the form via email or deliver it in person to management office at Suite 9180F.
  • When having your air-conditioner system checked, kindly ensure there is no leakage and all condensate draining pipes are properly connected to the downspouts.
  • Leaving trash and/or unattached parts on the roof could cause bodily injuries, damages, and result in legal liabilities due to your negligence. We ask that all unattached parts, including trash, be removed from the roof.

Sincerely Yours,
Diho Square Management.



  • 上屋頂一個工作日前,請先通知管理公司並簽署責任豁免表格電郵或提交到管理公司 [9180F]。
  • 空調系統需定期保養以防漏水,請做一次全面的檢查和維修,空調系統漏水未經許可不可切斷和冷氣連接的排水管,排水管需接到出水口(downspout) 。 
  • 任何留在屋頂上的廢棄物品及垃圾,請儘快清除,以免從屋頂掉落,如果因此導致人員傷害,您將承擔全部責任。


Roof waiver form